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Sometimes I draw.
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Anonymous asked: WHY

I don’t know!

I wanted to make posting my life drawings a weekly thing, but man, I’m so bad at it! I think I’ll spare your eyes instead and post only when I think the results are at least remotely interesting to look at.

In the meantime, enjoy this page of butts.


So today I started going to life drawing classes! I’m bad and ended up spending most of the time just getting used to drawing with charcoal. Not too happy about the results, but I thought it’d be cool to see me getting better at this.

Figured I’d start posting here again

Some late night pyro doodles.

I’m still very allergic to finishing anything.

I’m still very allergic to finishing anything.

I finally bought Intuos5 to replace the 19€ tablet I’ve been using so far. I’ve had it for three days now, and I’m still super-excited about it!


See how excited I am?

I’m so excited, guys!